The threat of Zika Virus and other mosquito-borne diseases can affect your family and pets. Unfortunately, most homes can have the perfect habitat and breeding ground for these biting insects and with warm temperatures they can ruining your outdoor activities like special events, grilling, lounging, gardening.


  • H R Pest Control will help break the life cycle by finding and treating where mosquitoes live and breed. Even though mosquitoes can’t be totally eliminated, our service has been proven to reduce their numbers greatly so you can enjoy your summer.

  • Mosquitoes feeding times during the dusk and dawn hours, during the day, they like to rest in cool, damp areas, normally areas thick with vegetation. The best way to keep mosquitoes away from your property is to have a pest control professional conduct a detailed examination of your property before a treatment can be applied. We are trained to spot all areas that mosquitoes use for daytime resting and for breeding purposes.

  • H R Pest Control will treat your property with an effective barrier spray that eliminates mosquitoes for more than 20 days.

  • We provide treatments for Special Events , One Time Treatment  and Monthly Treatment so don't let these buzzers ruining your events or your summer.